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April 2019

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Mini Golden Eroom Event

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This Event Will Start October 10, 2020
1. The Mini Golden Eroom is an event in which points are earned by conquering the E-Rooms.
2. Trading Hole E-Room has an equivalent to 1 point.
3. 1ST Guild gets 10 Score will be the Winner.
1. NO Guild Alliance Allowed, Secret Alliance to other school is strictly prohibited, any proven alliance act to other school will result to penalty ( minus points both sides ) or disqualification. 
2. Use of any form of third party applications is prohibited. If you get caught your account will be hold for further investigation, if they can't re-enact the situation they will be punished with permanent ban.
3. If there is a server problem during Club War the POINTS will be void.
4. Minimum of atlease 8 members for each Main Guild.
5. NO War NO fights NO Score, Dummy Guild Leaser is not allowed.
6. No Blocker or Dummy Guild.
Disclaimer: Rules are subject to change without prior notice. By Attending this event, players agree to abide by the rules as stated in the contest mechanics.
1. 8 Member's of Guild will receive 2000 Premium Points (including leader) 
2. 8 Member's of Guild will receive Fedora Hat[30D] (including leader) 
3. 8 Member's of Guild will receive 3pcs VIP Aura [7D] (including leader) 
4. 8 Member's of Guild will receive 3pcs Hardcore Wing [5D] (including leader) 
Next Season Prize will increase according to the players responds of this event. :)
Good-Luck Warrior's :)